OSMC installer does not work (RC3), no logfile

I just used the OSMC download link to get the OSMC installer.
When I run it on my Win7 PC with my new MicroSDcard attached to a card reader on a USB hub the following happens:

  1. I enter the info on the pages shown (RC3 for Rpi2
  2. Select the drive letter holding the MicroSDcard and go
  3. OSMC says “wait while getting the software” or something similar
  4. Then it starts installing after asking me to confirm tha it should be doing that
  5. Next it stops with the message:
    “An error occurred while writing the image!
    Please consult the logfile.”

What do I do next? I can see no logfile at all in the directory where I downloaded the installer and ran it from…

Why is there no regular image file to download and put on a MicroSDcard instead of this “installer” business???

There is… On the very same download page where you found the installer.

The installer business is meant to help. Failing to image the device indicates a bigger problem.

The log is in the User’s directory


I was very confused by the way the installer finished with that error message and then I could not find any logfile anywhere. Still haven’t and I don’t understand what you mean by “User’s directory”. I am using Windows 7 and the whole computer disk is mine as far as I know. I never use “My Documents” for anything but I had a look there just in case and found nothing related to OSMC…

It would have helped to mention where the logfile is located, this must be known by the installer so as a help to the user the full path or a link to it would be helpful.

Anyway, I found the small text links to the images now and I have a question regarding these:
It seems like there are only release candidates available, is OSMC not released?

Yet the RaspBMC is only available as a last image snapshot and it does not say weather it supports RPi2 or not.
I would rather not experiment with cutting edge testing versions for this project of making a small portable media center including a hard disk for use in the vacation home over summer.
I downloaded the final RaspBMC image, but then while considering this RPi <-> RPi2 issue I realized that there was no mention of the RPi2 concerning this image so I did not dare to use it…
Does it in fact work on an RPi2B unit?

PS: Missing alert message
Since I did not recieve any alert message to my email I did not look here until just now.
Am I not supposed to get alert messages when someone replies to my thread?
I have seen the same over at the RPi forum so I changed my email there to my gmail account and then I got an alert message. So is accounts ending in @telia.com blocked somehow from receiving messages from these forums?
I did receive the registration message just fine on my telia account though… DS

No - RPi2 has a different version ARM, which isn’t supported.
There is, if you want it, OpenElec for RPi2


Sam, I just found a file named log.txt in C:\Users<myname>\ ! :grinning:
I expected it to be in some directory below this…
Anyway here is the final part of the logfile (I removed a few empty lines):

må 8. jun 19:34:38 2015 Downloading
må 8. jun 19:35:41 2015 Download successful
må 8. jun 19:35:41 2015 Extracting C:/Users/Bosse/OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20150519.img.gz
må 8. jun 19:35:42 2015 Finished extraction. Going to write image
må 8. jun 19:35:42 2015 Requesting confirmation from user
må 8. jun 19:35:53 2015 User confirmed
må 8. jun 19:35:53 2015 Writing 512 bytes to erase MBR
må 8. jun 19:35:53 2015 MBR is trashed. Now beginning imaging process.
må 8. jun 19:36:04 2015 Could not invoke usbitcmd to write disk image
må 8. jun 19:36:04 2015 Messages: stdout: 
USB Image Tool 1.69
COPYRIGHT 2006-2014 Alexander Beug
Restoring backup to "USB 2.0 SD MMC Reader USB Device" ()...   0%   2%   4%   7%  10%  13%  15%  18%  21%  24%  27%  29%  32%  35%  38%  40%  42%  43%  45%  47%  49%  51%failed
Error: Could not write to the USB device!
Code : 2 - The system cannot find the file specified.
må 8. jun 19:36:04 2015 Messages: stderr: 

What does this mean?

After the operation the SD-card contains a 70 MB FAT32 partition with some files and an unreadable bigger partition plus unused space. I thought that the Pi system did not use FAT32 so I thought that it was broken especially considering the error message.
But when I used the downloaded RC3 image and wrote it using Win32DiskImager again a smaller FAT32 partition was present, now with somewhat different file content. Is this normal???

I have not yet started the Pi, waiting for the stores to open so I can get an USB-MicroUSB power feed cable…

Yes this is normal. The boot partition is fat32. Not sure why you had an issue with the installer at this time. I am concerned by the fact it was writing to the card then cut out. This may indicate an issue with the card. You will find out soon enough when you power your Pi


As you may have noted I have already started the OSMC Pi2 and it seems to work fine from the image I downloaded and wrote using Win32DiskImager. :smile:

Concerning the SD-card in connection with the installer I had it inserted in one of these very small readers (not much bigger than the card) which I had plugged into a USB hub when I used the installer.
But then I moved it into the card reader built into my HP laptop instead for the following manipulations. It might just as well have been the miniature card reader plus USB hub that had problems.