OSMC Installer does not write boot files to SD Card

Hello guys,

I just bought a raspberry pi 2 and i want to install OSMC to USB (Sandisk Cruzer Blade 8GB).

While Installing i check install to USB when being asked.
Then when asked to choose destination i choose again the usb

All goes well until the end but nothing is written to the SD card (2 GB)…

What am i doing wrong


The USB is written only when booted in the Pi. So, check install to USB and choose SDcard as destination, then boot the Pi with card and USB connected.

…and it worked perfectly…

But really maybe you should reconsider some confusing things about the installer (i’m a programmer too) :smile:

i.e tha quit button at the end buffled me for a minute second…

best wishes,

Keep up the good work

Submit a PR to improve it :wink:

We’re working on a new installer


looking forward to a new installer and hope to run osmc again. thanks