OSMC Installer - issue connecting

OSMC installer aborts every time with “There seems to be an issue connecting to the netwerk. Please check that you are not trying to download OSMC via a proxy server”.

The same downloader image worked three days ago.

I’m not aware that I use any proxyserver. Internet access seems to be completly normal.
I can download the images from OSMC website without any problems (so I can workaround the error). Only the installer program abort with the mentioned error after selecting the target device.

I’ running OSMC installer (Image qt_host_installer.exe) at Windows 10.

Any problems already known?
What info can I provide to aid diagnosis?


Maybe the current outage of update system (see https://status.osmc.tv/) causes this problem too.

Update service is down.

Host: download.osmc.tv

HTTP/1.1 503 Backend fetch failed

It will probably work again later today.

There were some issues with the update server earlier. This should now be solved.