OSMC installer leaves 90% of SD card space UNALLOCATED

After the install I saw that 7 of ~8 GB storage space of the SD was left unallocated. This made me worry. Is it as intended?

I ran the OSMC installer on Windows 10 and selected a formatted genuine Kingston 8GB micro-SD card (with adapter). The SD card was used before for Xbian but I’m switching because of CPU problems from day 1.

Here’s an image of the Windows Disk Management (diskmgmt.msc):

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PS: I’m still going to try to run this setup.

Once you boot, you’ll see that OSMC creates the ext4 partition from the unallocated space at boot time. This is to ensure that the full size of the SD card is used.


Thanks for your quick reply, Sam. You’re correct.
I’ve have OSMC and Kodi fully configured already and the full storage of the SD is available.

I was worried because I couldn’t find anything about it online and I needed the extra space, but now it’s out there on the web :wink:
Thanks again.


It was out there in about 3 other threads here. But good to have another new one :wink: