OSMC installer repository key expired

As it is my first post, hi everyone :slight_smile:

I found that OSMC installer repository key is expired for some time already. Also, there is no repo for Ubuntu 18.04 or Debian 9 (but 16.04 installed on 18.04 works perfectly fine).

$ apt-key list "A9AA 7116 51DB B111 4959  5B95 8873 E7BF 70F1 BBEA"
pub   rsa2048 2014-10-14 [SC] [expired: 2019-03-09]
      A9AA 7116 51DB B111 4959  5B95 8873 E7BF 70F1 BBEA
uid           [ expired] home:osmc OBS Project <home:osmc@build.opensuse.org>

Check this post

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Thanks for your answer. It might be worth to update download page Download - OSMC and mark it as depreciated as it still suggests that OSMC installer is the best option and dd/Rufus is not even mentioned - which might be confusing for users not familiar with burning image to USB.

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