OSMC Installer update prompt

I keep getting a prompt from the OSMC installer that there is a newer version available and that I should install that.
I am using the installer on openSUSE and have the repo

I have the laterst version of the installer available in that repo which is 1-111.1

What gives?
Incorrect update message or did someone forget to update the openSUSE repo?


The latest version should be newer than that. It seems the installer no longer compiles on OpenSUSE anymore. I don’t have an OpenSUSE system to test (and fix this) at hand.


looking on the openSUSE build service (where the installer appears to be hosted for all distros) the last update for openSUSE was in April last year while the other distros show the most recent update was in Nov last year.

That’s not quite correct – if you check the project, you’ll see that OpenSUSE is being compile-tested, but it’s not succeeding.

As I say, I don’t have an OpenSUSE system to test on, but I can try and look at configuring one. It’s a little low down on my list however.


Another user has submitted a PR and raised an issue as to what may be causing this problem. I’ve merged his changes and hopefully a new OpenSUSE build will be available soon.

thanks - yes . . . I just got the update prompt.
Just installed 1-123.1

most multimedia on openSUSE is handled by packman. Any particular reason you don’t use pmbs instead? It wouldn’t require the addition of a separate repo for just one application then.

I don’t know what these are, I assume a form of package management system?

I use RPM because it’s easier to just use Deb and RPM now. We’re having trouble packaging for all of the different distros at it is.

packman still uses rpm - it’s simply an external opensuse repository (linked to obs) because openSUSE - being a truly open distro - will not ship with any proprietary software (such as an unhindered ffmpeg etc).

the advantage with packman is you could ask a volunteer to package and maintain the OSMC installer on openSUSE