OSMC into Archlinux ARM

Hi Guys, it’s possible to install osmc into archlinux ARM? There are package that allow me to install into my rpb3? Help me please cause kodi 17.0 don’t work correctly but osmc (full operating system work correctly) so i need to install OSMC (package) into my archlinux ARM!

OSMC is a distro, or a complete operating system. Not a binary program you can simply install.

It’s not possible. But you may be able to dual boot with something like NOOBS.

The problem is that i need .tar.gz for install it into archlinux, why osmc is based on debian :frowning:

I understand you but why developers do not release their own version of “OSMC” then “kodi modified” to be installed anywhere you want ?!

Our scope is a complete OS. Not a single binary. Seems you wish to avoid work to make your desired setup function but you are quite insistent that someone else should do it for you?

I understand what you mean, but it could be really useful to have a binary file that can be installed in any distribution. I sincerely hope that in the future you release a package that can be installed to issues of portability and efficiency!

If you want a binary program then install Kodi into your existing OS, if you want the whole OS then install OSMC.

Some of the unique features in OSMC probably require certain OS dependencies meaning a single binary is not able to replicate those on a ‘foreign’ OS.

@thymbahutymba so if its arch your running then compile it yourself there is probly an aur for it via pacman.

and compiling for Debian isnt the same as compiling for arch sooo your likely to run into issues and have you ever seen the patches for OSMC ? my guess is that you have not, alot of customization to kernel & bin and system to get that perfect experience.

so if you want a bin build it yourself, and if your running arch you should have known better since most of it is building your apps before running em


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A single binary is not possible.