OSMC IPTV PVR Menu Item Group Channel

I would like to know if you can implement a feature for the following:

Create a home menu item that goes to IPTV client group channel (I’m not talking about the group channels that you can create on Kodi, but the group channels that comes directly with the IPTV list). I have already tried to configure it, but I can create a home menu item only to the global list of channels, it would be nice to create to the groups.
Thanks for all your work on OSMC platform.
Best regards.

This sounds like a Kodi request.


Maybe…but not sure, maybe a change on the OSMC skin can do that…

Hi @sam_nazarko, I found a way to do it but it is not working properly.

I can create a video source that points to pvr://, with that I can create an home menu shortcut to IPTV gorup channel, but the skin only has the option to list channels as files, and not as an IPTV guide (the list option is available when you create an home menu shortcut directly to IPTV all channels).

Have you searched the Kodi forum for any hints on this?

Yes, but didn’t finnd anything.

You need to direct your request to Kodi developers. OSMC cannot provide a function of Kodi is the limitation.

Ok, I will do it. Thanks.