OSMC is developing Bluetooth streaming capabilities

Since October, OSMC has been developing and testing Bluetooth streaming capabilities. Although it has been possible to stream audio to an OSMC device via Bluetooth for some time, we wanted to develop an officially supported method that works well and has a wealth of features.

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Wow, those are some great news since I’d often like to simply stream some audio from my android mobile to OSMC running on an RPi 2.

Even though I’ve managed to do this using an app called “AllStream” which somehow emulates AirPlay, I’m really looking forward to native Bluetooth support since that app needs root access…

Thanks for the gread news!

Does this mean pictures can be streamed from iPhone to tv, as was the case before airplay broke?
This will be GREAT if true!

Hoped to see this appear in the news someday.

I would like to know if someone apart myself would like to use the raspberry to stream line-in audio via bluetooth (using these instructions, they involve hardware modifications albeit small: koalo's blog: I²S Audio Support for Raspberry Pi) to e.g. avoid buying a separate bluetooth audio transmitter just to stream television audio alone.

I know this is really complicated (and even though I am a programmer myself, I wouldn’t know where to start) but I think it might be interesting as well.

Please let me know.

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Great news!!! Do you have a timetable? Thanks

One of the best news i ever heard according to osmc!

Keep on going guys! Looking forward to it!

Well done! It’s good to see that some people are willing to act differently and think big in order to become independent and more efficient in the long term.
Giving more that just words I’ve just donated in order to support your great work.

Thank you all!

I totally agree and appreciate this developement !
I was using Rasbmc from the beginning and switched to openelec - already the announcement and workaround of using bluetooth in a Kodi/raspberrypi setting let me switch “back” to OSMC. Great!
I haven’t regretted it yet and will not do for sure in the future - I will now stick to OSMC.
Looking forward to see all this great, active evolving of software happening.
You did already a great job, go on Sam.

Greets and many thanks!

You and your team have been doing great work with OSMC. I just received a Plugable Bluetooth adapter (Broadcom chipset) that I ordered yesterday due to this post, still awaiting my Vero2.

Thank you y’all!

I saw a few new patches (49 -51) related to BTPlayer on github

right now I’m running the bt testing and dev version This works fine, but does nit interact with kodi directly, cause btplayer and components are missing

Any news when a beta or final version of btplayer will be available?

Any news???

What would you like to know? The BT streaming can be tested at this time, just head over to the Development and Testing forum.

Cool Thank you,
Do you have an ETA when will it be released, and a part of osmc by default?

It’s already available to try.

tt will never be included by default, it will always be an App.

OK Thank you

Is there any sight on comming to production?

When it’s ready :slight_smile:. You can already use the test builds.

Last time I tried it, my RPi 3 rebooted during installation of the package and the OS got corrupted…

That sounds like an isolated issue. Without a log, we can’t really speculate what the issue may be, but it’s working for plenty of other users. This is also not the place to post the log.

The Log has been gone already since I reinstalled OSMC… I had been through deep ends to get Bluetooth connection working… That might have caused the problem…