OSMC is now available via NOOBS

Originally published at: OSMC is now available via NOOBS - OSMC
Hi everyone, The Raspberry Pi Foundation’s official OS installer, NOOBS (New Out Of Box System), now has support for OSMC. OSMC can now be installed on all Raspberry Pi models via this system and will update the same way a regular install does. NOOBS is great for users who wish to run more than one…

Hi Sam, not sure if I’m being daft or just impatient but the NOOBs installer is still at version 1.4 from Feb. There is only an option to install RaspBMC through it at the moment. I presume a new version will be released shortly?

Seems it still hasn’t been pushed to the Raspberry Pi CDN. I was testing with my local version so did not realise. It will probably end up getting done on Monday now.


Sam what about osmc for apple tv 1? what is the status on it?

Thank you

Still in progress.


Hi Matt,

It should be pushed now


I tried 3 hours ago with NOOBS, I get the version 1.4 of 8 April. Everything seems fine except I can’t open the App Store.

I see the issue. I’ll look at resolving this shortly.


hey Sam,

the NOOBS installer at https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/ is still v1.4.0, released in Feb 2015. Alas, it does not offer OSMC for installation. Any idea on what I am missing here?

I was wondering the same and to my understanding its still not available as Offline installation but only with network install so with NOOBS lite OSMC shows PI1 and PI2 version… And yes its still NOOBS 1.4 released in February (installer doesnt necessarily need to change version because info for packages is got from network)

Only Raspbian is available via NOOBS Offline image. To install OSMC via NOOBs, attach a network cable.


the Raspberry Pi Model A+ has no ethernet port.
So how can i install OSMC via noobs there?
I don’t want to install OSMC without noobs.
Where can i get the necessary files, equivalent to Raspbmc on noobs 1.3.9:
RaspBMC.png boot.tar.xz os.json partition_setup.sh partitions.json release_notes.txt root.tar.xz slides_vga




Just wanted to say nice work on NOOBS install! I usually just use regular Noobs but I decided to try the lite version on my old B+ since I don’t use it as much.
After the install I selected OSMC and went through the initial setup then when I got to the gui for Osmc I got a message saying that since I was using Osmc with Noobs if I wanted to check for an update.

It’s just simple stuff like that that makes a difference. Thanks for your dedication to the community and the work you put in to make things better for everyone.


That’s great to hear. We update NOOBS images less frequently, so I made sure @Karnage put in a check so that users can get on the same playing field that those installing from osmc.tv/download have.