OSMC iso or img not available for x64 machines?

Alright i might be in the wrong place to post the question or my question might be wrong in itself, so please correct me if i am wrong about this.

before osmc was not available for any x86 or x64 machines , only for arm devices. but now it is available for the x86 machines as an installer. so why is there no image files for the x86 devices ?

i wanted to run osmc in a virtual environment so what is stopping me? is there any technical problems for running it in a virtual box ? thanks

P.S. sorry for any wrong English as its not my primary language

OSMC installer (means applications that will prepare a SD Card or USB Stick to Install OSMC on a target device (currently ARM Devices) always has been available for x86/64 machines.
OSMC as an operation system as of today is only available for ARM processors. @sam_nazarko also is planning a x86/64 version but that is still under development and currently not available.

OK , i see . sorry for the ignorance . Anyway eagerly waiting for the x86/64 version to be used in my htpc .thanks for the heads up! :smile:

You can check LibreElec builds for x86. There is a tool to build an USB installer with a stable release. Once installed you can upgrade to latest builds manually (Milhouse builds).

You can even install it in another USB stick to test it safely without touching internal drives, boots, etc…

It’s not osmc, and HDR10 not supported but still the most similar experience for nuc owners, and Linux kernels are the latest ones.