OSMC July update completely broken for me

I was noticed that there is a new update (previously running June update), installed it and rebooted - black screen. Rpi2 not even starting to boot.

So I took out the sd card, downloaded osmc-installer, re-formatted the card and installed the latest OSMC again. Fired up the Rpi2 again, waited for the install to finish and on the next boot black screen again. I suspected that maybe the sd card is faulty so tried with a brand new Kingston, exactly the same thing happens.

Raspberry Pi 2 model B
2A - 5V power supply (changed it as well for testing)
Sandisk Ultra 8gb
Kingston UHS1 - 8gb
Sony KDL 32bx420
Wired LAN

Nothing else.

Any idea what to check? With the card inserted, when connecting the power the red led lights up and the green one for a fraction of a second, then stops. The TV is picking up the signal, but it stays black. Mind you, OSMC install (formatting the device etc) works fine, the first reboot after that is giving me blank screen. Just to be sure, tested the latest OpenELEC and works fine. I can’t provide any logs as I can’t boot at all.

same here - keeps rebooting?