Osmc keeps powering TV on when switched off


So I have a strange issue. When I put my TV on standby, my rpi2 running latest osmc turns it back on again after around 10 seconds.

I’ve completely disabled all options in the CEC menu apart from the main “enable”, but it’s still happening. I don’t really want to disable CEC completely because being able to use a single TV remote to control everything is awesome and great to get buy in from the other half.

My setup is my rpi2, plugging into my pioneer AVR via HDMI which goes to my TV via HDMI.

Happy to provide logs / run through any debugging which might help us track down the issue.


I’ve removed the pioneer AVR to try and narrow down the cause and plugged the rpi straight into the TV and it’s no longer turning on.

I’m reluctant to say the AVR is to blame because I’ve always had plenty of other devices going through it using CEC and this hasn’t been an issue before. It’s only happens when the Pi is plugged in and running OSMC.

Might be worth creating an issue here: Issues · Pulse-Eight/libcec · GitHub

Make sure you enable debug logging and CEC component speciifc logging. Reboot.
Put the TV in standby and wait for it to come on again.

Post a description and link to log as libcec issue.
Might be best to reset the CEC settings back to default before doing this.

Ok that’s a good suggestion. I have another pi setup so I’ll also see if that behaves in the same way. I’ll also try another cable along with all of your suggestion so I can get some definitive proof.

Will report back tomorrow.