OSMC keeps switching the active input to itself


I have the following setup: Sony KDL-46ex723 television, Denon AVR-X2000 A/V Receiver, a digital set-top-box, Xbox360. I had with these a Raspberry Pi 1 with Raspbmc, which is now changed to Raspberry Pi 3 with OSMC. RasPi is connected to the Denon AVR, as well as the digital set-top-box. The Xbox360 used to also be connected to the Denon.

I had the RasPi1 working well, but I had prepared the RasPi3/OSMC to be the replacement whenever I felt like doing the actual change.

Last Sunday decided to change the Xbox connection so that it was connected directly to the TV. In the same time I rebooted the RasPi1 after it had been running for quite a while (probably months). After the reboot, the RasPi didn’t let me watch any other source (the digital set-top box or the Xbox360) while it is on. Whenever I change the source to either, it changes back to the RasPi after a few seconds. Irritating.

Well, after seeing this weird behavior, I decided that I wouldn’t like to waste more time with this and it was time to change the RasPi1 to RasPi3 with OSMC. But to my dismay, the new RasPi3+OSMC, with the default CEC settings out-of-the-box, does exactly the same thing: hogs the input source.

I changed the CEC settings so that the “Switch source to this device on startup” is disabled, but that was of no help. And I was OK with the RasPi3 being the active source when it starts up. But I don’t want to power the RasPi down if I want to watch another source!

This behaviour is quite weird, especially as it worked like it should up until last Sunday, which makes me feel like there’s some black magic involved.

Has anybody else experienced anything similar ? Is there any good “medicine” for this ?

(EDIT): I forgot that I have also now a Chromecast connected to the AVR. The Chromecast was originally connected directly to the TV, and which I switched to the AVR where the Xbox was.

It seems that the person in this post has a similar problem and has also a Chromecast:

I’ll have to try to disconnect the Chromecast to see if there’s any effect. I’ll report later today.


I disconnected the Chromecast and the RasPi3/OSMC doesn’t anymore keep changing the input to itself.

It appears that there is some bad blood between these two.