OSMC killed my SD-card

Your fucking installer killed my brand new sd-card :rage:

Easy now, no need to use these kind of words.

I’m pretty sure that the installer isn’t to blame.
But without any more info, it’s hard to say what went wrong.

Prove it or take your shit attitude down the road. We are more than willing to help but have zero patience for idiots with this attitude.

Secondly, why are you so special that this has only happened to you?


I am not 100% what you intend with such a post. People could be quite offended and some of the offended people might reply with quite some harsh words. So let’s assume you didn’t intended to be thrown at with swear words and just wrote these words out of frustration.

So the installer will for sure not “kill” any sdcard! The installer will obviously (as it also warn) overwrite any data/partition on the card but it will not damage the card.
If your card is not working anymore after the installer writes data to it then unfortunately you purchased a fake card.

So please explain what you have done and what is your current situation and people might be helping you.

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No it didn’t.

My guess is only ~250M available.

That’s just the first partition. Write a blank MBR or use a tool like SD Formatter and you’ll see the full capacity again.

Tried everything on both windows and mac, but the sd card is no longer being recognized :frowning: Neither on mac nor on windows. I did a lot of sd card installations (openelec raspi 2) without any problems… and now…

Try a different sdcard reader. Is this a proper Sdcard or a microsd in an adapter?

micro sd with adapter. After booting a live linux I was able to format the corrupted sd card. Will give it a new try :slight_smile:

So the installer didn’t destroy your card. You should apologise and try and be less of a douche in future. That attitude won’t get you far sonny Jim!


Yep, you’re right. Sorry. But when you are angry…

Shit happens.

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