OSMC Kodi 16 with USB gamepad support (wired)

Im trying to get my gamepad (USB Wired) working with osmc kodi navigation. I know osmc kodi 16 is explicitly compiled with --disable-sdl --disable-joystick.

I tried setup my gamepad with this tutorial

I have used mapping software joymap-0.3, I have tested the maping file with jstest all worked. Every thing should be working fine but … If im not in kodi all works, but when i start kodi my gamepad doesn’t respond and jstest (from ssh) is not showing anything. I think Kodi is blocking /dev/input/js0. I tried Kodi 17 test builds this doesn’t acure there but still i could not make my gamepad working. I tried to install kodi from http://pipplware.pplware.pt but i couldn’t swap kodi packages. Is there kodi packages for osmc with working gamepad. I know that DEV Team is working on integrating RetroPlayer that will have new system implemented but still it’s realy unknown when it will happen. Any help would be appriciated.

attn @mcobit

Hi. Kodi indeed blocks input for joypads if it doesn’t run on x11.
This is known and expected behaviour according to @DBMandrake.

I am not sure why the sdl-joystick option is not enabled probably to not have a depenency on sdl.

A xboxcontroller should still work.

Installing kodi from a different repository defeats the purpose of osmc.
You would probably better install kodi on raspbian or retropie and run it atop x11 if you desperately need joypad input.

Or @sam_nazarko could activate generic usb joypads to be usable in kodi if thats possible.

Kodi doesn’t use SDL anymore. It was dropped as I believe the plan is to tidy up for RetroPlayer


RetroPlayer will need sdl anyway as retroarch uses it.

Edit: or maybe not…

New Retropie 3.7 has kodi 16 with joystick support in experimental package that works nice.
I wish i could use my gamepad with OSMC :…(

There is another way that i did not try, Joy2key could be used to essentially turn the joypad keys into keyboard strokes.

Plz reconsider making --enable-sdl --enable-joystick till new system will be implemented…


Retroplayer will come with version 18 so i doubt there will be any builds with sdl however if @sam_nazarko has the time he might update his retroplayer test builds

There should also be preliminary support in kodi 17. SDL is putged from kodi apparently, but --enable-joystick could still be used I guess.

Unfortunately this is not a priority atm.

Try build it with --enable-joystick and I will merge it if it doesn’t cause ill effect. I would recommend we look at support for this with v17 builds, rather than Jarvis. Adding the gamepad addon may be enough.