Osmc kodi getting back to main rpi 2 screen

hi can anyone please tell me how to get back to the rpi main screen from kodi, as when i restart the rpi it just boots straight into osmc, and i want to load a different program from the main screen, i am new to this as you can tell, thanks.

booting into osmc is normal and that’s how it should be. Are you confused because it does not look like kodi? If so OSMC is just a skined version of Kodi running on a linux distro.

Phil, what johnsnow says is correct.
A slight elaboration is that what you see when OSMC boots is the GUI, which is specialised and unlike a general purpose linux distro.
You’re obviously looking for an X windows GUI or similar, which just isn’t there.
However, it may be possible to load a different program - but you’d have to elaborate on what the program does, and how it would present itself in any graphic form. Have you tried the standard functions - video play, music play, pic display ?

hi Derek i think you misunderstood what i meant on my rpi 2 i have raspian openelec and osmc installed all i want to know is how to get back to the rpi main loading screen, thanks Phil.

Just go to the power option and choose reboot.

Hold shift during boot up and select the other OS.