OSMC/kodi gradually using all memory, then crash

I have been using Vero4k+ since December 2019, primarily to watch TV with VDR-VNSI, watch recorded shows, watch various MKVs and listen to music.

I keep the device running 24/7. Time and again when trying to listen to music kodi just rushes through the list without playing a sound. The only solution: restart.

Sometimes, when using the time shift feature while watching TV kodi restarts.
I started to monitor the OS and found kodi using all available memory (htop: 75% to 80%) before crashing or staying mute “playing” music.

Btw, I already turned on swapfile using Sam’s preferred method with /enable_swap.

The current version I am using is the last update 2020-03.01.

Any thoughts, hints?
Kind regards


You should never need to enable a swap file on the device.

That happens when Kodi loses its connection to the files. This is likely a separate issue.