OSMC/KODI interface on TV: how to search Actors or how to select actor letter (A...Z)

I’ve used basic OSMC/Kodi on a Raspberry Pi for several years and for the most part very happy (and wife also). All activities are on the TV screen using the “official” OSMC remote.

Over that period we have noticed that letters (A,B,C,…Z) will display briefly on the screen as we are scrolling through the “Actors” section, movies, etc. Is there a way to specify a group via those letters?


Since I don’t use this function at all, I’m unaware of how it looks or even functions. But I know that in other large lists in Kodi, I’ve been able to jump to “Letters” by pressing shift+P for the P-part of the list.

This is in no way an answer to your question, just a suggestion to try and see if the built in standar practice work?

I will try to look at this when I get access to the TV again, or if I can build the vero4k VNC client for Bullseye.

If you use a remote that has number keys that forward to Kodi (ie something with a number pad other than a CEC connected remote) then you can keymap jumpSMS keymap actions to them which will select the letters the same as text input on a telephone or texting on a flip phone. It performs the same as the shift+letter joakim mentioned but to get to “r” for example you would press “7” three times (assuming you have entries with “p” and “r” as it will automatedly skip past non-existing letters).

You could technically program this function to any keys but since you need eight buttons to cover the alphabet (at least in english, no clue about other languages) this would be confusing. In that case I would suggest mapping a pair of keys (if you have a couple that make sense to use for the purpose) to prevletter/nextletter.


Thanks, but as I said in my original posting, I’m using the Official OSMC remote (Official OSMC remote as shown in the figure. It is not immediately obvious how one could program its keys. I’m open to suggestions…RDK45

I prefer to answer a question as universal as prudent to provide for other use cases since this is an open community forum. Although it is possible to use SMS style input on the OSMC remote (I am aware of exactly one individual who utilizes this) it isn’t the ideal hardware for the task since it is simplified style remote (minimal buttons).

In addition to the Kodi guide I linked above, see my OSMC remote specific guide here…

@ darwindesign … Many thanks. For now, I’ll Ieave all as is, “ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

Since I see others are using other style “Universal” remotes, I’ll start investigating that option.
And also thanks for the references…RDK45

Is there a user guide for the “Official” OSMC remote?..RDK45

The closest thing to an “official” guide would be the thread I linked in my last post. What information do you desire that is not covered in that thread?

OK, for normal usage, I have the “Official” OSMC remote buttons all figured out but mostly buy logic or trial&error. My wife and sister, on the other hand often have problems, so just a “Beginners Guide to using the OSMC remote” would reduce the “HELP ME” requests I get. Thanks…RDK45