OSMC Kodi Pi 3/4 Video Problem

I have an issue running this app on the new Kodi 2023.08.1 If i watch a stream on the app for instance “Antiques Road Show” the video runs fine but when it goes into an add break the video goes blank and the audio continues. If i go into my settings while the stream is running and set the Audio “Allow Passthrough” on and off i get the video back just until the next add break and it does it again. It is not only limited to that stream but it does it on all of them. I’m am running Kodi on both Pi 3 and Pi 4 on two different TV’s both LED and have the same issue on both of them. However if i revert back to Disk image 2023.01.01 i dont have this problem.I have tried to change Display settings , Refresh rate , Audio settings ect. to no avail . Does anybody have a solution for this problem or had a similar issue like this and was there a quick fix or not …Kind regards
The Repo i am using is Sluyguy…The Samsung tv app give you a choise of different quality streams
Forgot to mention i have tried all the disk images after the 2023.01.1 it does it on all of them

What app are you referring to?

In the SluyGuy Repo there is a Samsung TV Plus Addon that you install and it gives you a lot of Free Live TV channels that can be watched from different countries…

Maybe @matthuisman can help.

Just a bit of an update on this issue
I did a bit of digging and found out that there might be a bug in the Inputstream addaptive Addon
It looks like this issue is not limited to Slyguy Repo but also Pluto TV and other apparently
The workaround for this is
" @MattHuismanNZ

If your on KodiTV 20.0 and now getting audio but no video in your addons, it’s most likely due to a bug in Inputstream Adaptive. Workaround: You can seek back a little after playback starts and the video should then start.
A devs are aware of the issue "

Hope this can be of help
I have tried it and it seems to be working OK for now

Kind Regards