OSMC/Kodi (Raspberry Pi2) and IPVanish - How to setup?

Hello. I have my Kodi on a OSMC Raspberry Pi setup.

I’d like to setup VPN (IPVanish) for this.

Is it possible, and if so, how?


I am also interested to know how to do this. I followed a couple of links from other topics but did not have luck either!

Appears the best way to do this is not to the PI/OSMC/Kodi itself, but to the router. Much easier, and will provide VPN for all the devices.

I can appreciate that but I don’t necessarily want my location/traffic blocked on my laptop/phone/tablet just on my pi

I am interested in this topic also. I have been evaluating OpenElec and OSMC on a Raspberry Pi 2 configuration. I have successfully configured IPVanish VPN on the OpenElec, but struggling to find a solution how to do it on OSMC. I only want to control the Kodi traffic not my network.

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First issues with connman needs to be fixed so that openvpn will work after that its a walk in the park but when that will happen that i cant give a deadline on sooner or later it will be fixed.

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Has this been fixed yet? I’d like to install it on OSMC

Just curious if anyone has figured this out yet? Thanks!

No none has figure out it yet cause changes has to be made in connman :slight_smile: so there is NO EASY FIX

hope this is clear enough for you to comprehend

Thanks for taking the time to respond. While the clarity of the statement “changes have to be made to connman” is debatable, you’ve made it crystal clear that you’re a douchebag. Sorry I asked.

Thanks for the name calling but if you would have bothered to search the forum you would have clearly seen this exact question repeatedly asked and same response for literally everyone thats involved in the project stating the same exact thing over and over.

But its easier to call me a douchebag instead :slight_smile: but im not mad


that page looks like a bad adsite.

Haha you obviously did not copy it to check it out. If you did you, will see that it has a link in the page where a you can get the tutorial to set up openvpn. I have been holding back to share this due to remarks like this and because you have to buy the tutorial. But I promise you it’s the only full tutorial that I have searched for a long time, that if followed to the T actually works. Well for a novice like me that is. Cheers

Well than lets be fair enough and also post this

congrats on buying a copy ($4.99) of a tutorial that could be free

not sure why every noob needs a tutorial for something that is easy to do like vpn.

1 install openvpn
2 get the ovpn file from your vpn service
3 profit :stuck_out_tongue:

if your really unsecure use @fzinken link instead of @Garyhereto if your not fond of your €$£

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