OSMC Kodi to Oppo "Play to"

Hi guys,

I am getting a good deal on used oppo 103, I want to know if it will be possible to stream my content from Kodi to Oppo. Meaning I use the Kodi to manage libraries and all and play the content on the oppo. Is this possible using the play to feature?

Anyone here using it with the oppo?

Raspberry Pi 2


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I second the request!! I have the Vero 4K + and Oppo 203. A member had shared some python scripts with me, but I sadly reformated my laptop and lost the files.

I’ll see if I can message him on another forum.

If your Oppo supports DLNA/UPnP and you have UPnP enabled in Kodi then the Oppo should show up in the context menu “play using…” option. If that works and you wanted to make that your default player you can do that with an advancedsettings.xml tweak. I’m not sure what exactly you would need a script for.

The scripts are to change hdmi sources on your tv or AVR. No transport stream is used with the scripting method, so Dolby Vision and all other metadata is retained. I recall there being 2 scripts, one on the vero 4K + to switch the hdmi source, and one on the Oppo that would playback the same file/film.