OSMC / Kodi with VNSI Plugin keeps VDR-Server awake


I use a Debian Server with VDR and vdr-plugin-vnsiserver.
The VDR Server is configured to power on when a recording is scheduled and to power off after the recording.
All works fine when the Raspberry 3 is off.

But when the Raspberry 3 is on, like it is supposed to be always on it keeps the VDR Server awake after the recording.
I can see many lines like this in the Debian Logs: “VNSI: Trigger EPG update for channel…”

Any idea how to solve it?

Is there a user-inactivity time out possible after which the VNSI PVR addon terminates the connection to the VDR-VNSI addon?

Or is it possible to detect if the TV is switched off? Maybe by CEC? And then terminate the VNSI PVR addon.
So one could restart it when the TV is on again.


First I believe you might have better chances to find an answer for this question at the Kodi Forum as this would not be OSMC specific.

Secondly as your log shows it is triggering EPG Updates, have you checked the VDR addon configure page and the Live TV settings if you can change the EPG scan intervals?

I read about a script some one wrote, some month ago.
Thought it was here, but can’t find it anymore.

Pls remove / close thread. I’ll ask in the Kodi forum.

Just post the link to the Kodi Thread you open so that if someone searches for it in the future they find it here.

Here it is.