Osmc kore connection problem

i use osmc on my raspberry b+ with wifidongle, controlling it with the android app kore.
without any apparent reason, the app couldn’t connect anymore to osmc. i did not changed anything in the setup. i can connect to osmc via ssh and can transfer files over samba just fine.

in the kore help, it tells me to enable the webserver under settings/services. is there a way to enable this via ssh?

It’s enabled by default. And “without any apparent reason” doesn’t sound like it would have somehow disabled itself. Did you try using a browser to navigate to the ip of your pi? I forgot if it’s port 80 or 8080 by default.

Another Kore related question:

The Android Kore app has the ability to wake up a Kodi Mediacenter (Wake On Lan). This doesn’t work with my OSMC setup. Is there any way to make this work? My Pi2 has a wired network connection and my Android phone is connected to the same router by wifi.

A quick google on “raspberry pi 2 wake on lan” would have helped. This is not a OSMC topic, the Raspberry hardware doesn’t support WOL.

hi guys, i don´t want create a new threat, but i have a problem with kore, in another os, for rpi2, when i search anything keyboard appears automatic, with osmc i need to go 3 dots and press send text. how i get the keybord automatic?

Thanks in advance.