OSMC + Krypton performance on older devices?

Hello! I see that OSMC + Krypton has been released. Many thanks for the update and the hard work which produced it.

One thing i’ve been noticing as time goes by is that OSMC is growing more and more feature rich. There have been some points made on these forums in the past that OSMC is now pushing hardware harder than ever as a result.

My question is how will this latest update with the newest version of Kodi run on older Pi’s? My main media centre is a Raspberry Pi 2, and I also have a couple of older Raspberry Pi 1 Model B’s running in other rooms. While the older Pi 1’s have always continued to work well, I’ve definitely noticed that their performance has started to dip over time.

Will this new update run with decent responsiveness on a Pi1-B? Because I run a shared library an upgrade is an all-or-nothing affair, so any advice for users of older devices would be most welcome.

Many thanks.

A Pi 2 will be fine.

Pi 1 should be OK with OSMC skin, but some skins may result in slower performance.

No regression in library or add-on performance.

Successive OSMC updates do use more power however, so make sure your power supply is up to scratch, and your SD card is good and you’ll be fine. We wouldn’t support any platforms that don’t offer a good experience.


I’ve been running Kodi 17 on my RPi1 for several months in testing and have noticed no change in performance compared to Kodi 16.

I run a fairly vanilla installation with very few addons so I can’t comment on performance of those, but for watching video (SD and HD) both locally and steamed over my network I have had no problems.