OSMC / LG C2 eARC query

Hoping someone can advise me here as most likely I`ve misunderstood something about eARC.

My setup is
Vero 4k
Denon 2600 AVR
Jamo 5.1 speakers

I`m using HDMI ports on LG for video and the AVR for audio for eARC

I had assumed upgrading to the C2 with eARC support would remove any audio issues with passthru and not having to switch down to 2.0 channels to get it working.

However I`m still experiencing issues with sound with speech most often missing with some sources.

Im fairly sure my cables are all 2.1 but not 100% as might be 2.0 - is 2.1 spec a requirement and is there anyway of debugging hdmi to confirm what is happening ?


First check if you set up everything according to this guide.

AFAIK none of the LG OLEDs released after the C9 support passthrough of DTS audio, so if you directly connect your Vero to your TV and your TV to your AVR using the eARC HDMI port of your TV you won’t be able to passthrough any DTS audio to your AVR.

Thanks - yeah done the setup guide previously. It was news to me on the DTS side of things with LG so that would perhaps explain it.

From the guide

So if your AVR is able to pass through the video signal to your TV as desired (e.g. maintaining Dolby Vision etc.), then you should rather connect the Vero directly to the AVR via HDMI and the AVR’s HDMI output to your TV’s HDMI eARC input.

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Thanks yeah literally just tried that and all good but makes using it more of a hassle as would then involve 3 remotes and swapping inputs about on AV which is no no for my other half. I suspect I’ll go with 2.0 settings for any DTS sources in Kodi and try and replace them if I can.

Why would it change the number of remotes or how you switch inputs? If you have CEC enabled on the TV, AVR, and your external devices they show up on LG TV’s the same connected to the AVR as they do connected directly to the TV. When you switch input devices using the TV interface the TV tells the AVR to switch inputs. The TV remote can control a Vero and the AVR’s volume with no other remote. The OSMC remote will control AVR volume via CEC and with a bit of tweaking of settings can also turn the TV on/off as well as switch to the Vero’s input.

I also don’t get why it would change the number of remotes you’d have to use. If you were connecting the Vero directly to your TV (say HDMI 1), you’d have to set your TV to HDMI 1. When connecting the Vero to the AVR and your AVR is connected to your TV’s HDMI 2 (eARC), you’d have to set your TV to HDMI 2 when watching content from your Vero. If you have other HDMI devices, you could connect them to your TV or your AVR. Connecting them to your AVR would require you to use the AVR’s remote to switch inputs, if they don’t support CEC, but I don’t see how this is affected by connecting the Vero to the AVR or not, except for when you only have exactly one device connected to your AVR, so you would never have to change the AVR’s HDMI input.

The TV really does that? It shows all devices connected to the AVR separately? I don’t own an AVR so this is news to me.

I would imagine that things may vary from brand to brand and the age of the equipment may factor in, but the OP here happened to specify hardware similar enough to what I own that I can say this is how it acts. My LG TV w/ webOS connected via ARC to a Denon AVR shows the individual (CEC enabled) devices connected to my Denon AVR on the input selector of the TV by name. I have even had more than one OSMC device connected at the same time and manually changed the name of the devices in their config files so they didn’t show up with the same name on the TV. But to be clear, my TV will not let me select a specific input on the AVR so this would not be useful for non CEC equipment, but it will let you select a device on the CEC bus and the TV and AVR will switch around their inputs as needed to switch to this device.

And below that device name I’d guess it shows the HDMI input label. For example if your AVR is on HDMI 1 it says HDMI 1 below the device names of the devices connected to the AVR right?

It shows the TV’s input where the AVR is connected, but when you select it the TV tells the AVR to switch its input to wherever that device is connected. The CEC protocol doesn’t communicate what individual inputs a TV or an amplifier type device has. The protocol registers devices that have connected to the bus and names. Thus there is no way for a TV to tell an AVR to switch to “input 2” but it can tell it to switch to a CEC device ID of a playback device that happens to be connected to “input 2”.

Understood. I was merely talking about that text label saying HDMI 2 below where it says Kodi in your picture.

Thanks for all the replys - from my experience it needs 3 remotes as would need to change input on AVR, so thats +1 and for what ever reason this then breaks the kodi control via normal TV remote so thats +1 also. Currently use 1 remote for everything and so for the sake of the odd few sources I won`t get into CEC troubleshooting :slight_smile: I did briefly consider unretiring my Harmony remote to get it to do everything but remembered why I retired it.