OSMC localization

Hello Sam and Team,
any chance that I could help with My OSMC application translation to Czech? Right now, XMBC is localized very well, at least Czech.

I was looking into GitHub repo and found english string files for the osmcsetting module. If I send/commit them translated, will you include them in next build ?



sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

thank you, but OSMC has already generated locale, anyways I have run the locale generation again and there is no change. I still have Czech XBMC and english “My OSMC” plugin. So asking again, if I translate “My OSMC” strings, will you integrate it?

Yep. The strings.po files haven’t been pruned for redundant strings yet, so there may be some that arent needed. And of course new strings may be added in the future (this is RC not a full release). But if you can translate I can roll those files in if needed.

Each of the sub menu items is a different addon module. Just look for the strings.po file under resources/language/English and change the msgstr (not msgid) for each module.


Thank you Karnage, I have found time to translate the localization, finally… Do I need to build whole OSMC into an image to test out the resources? Or I can just build and deploy media center-addon-osmc package?

I think the translations will be handled by Transifex, so that is the on-going solution.

But send the files through to me and I can update them manually to start with.

So files are ready to be send. Just tell me how to deliver them to you. I guess that you don’t want me commit them to your repo.

Actually, if you feel confident forking and issuing a pull request then go ahead. GitHub - osmc/osmc: OSMC (Open Source Media Center) is a free and open source media center distribution