OSMC maintained Youtube integrated script/addon

What would the possibility of having an OSMC maintained youtube script/addon that can search both channels and videos and play videos? Nothing fancy, just outputs as a simple list.

The bromix youtube addon is in limbo last I read. It just would be nice to have an important part of internet streaming internally maintained.

You’re welcome to start/maintain it

I’m no coder. Hence this post. Besides, what is the point of this part of the forum (feature requests) if this is the default response?

Staffing at OSMC unfortunately does not facilitate building/supporting addons that already exist.

Hey Microsoft, small feature request for Excel, could you indefinitely maintain this 3rd party plug-in?


I I don’t understand the benefit of having another YouTube add-on and I also don’t understand why you want this to come from OSMC. It is clearly a Kodi request. Makes absolutely no sense to have the OSMC devs abandon OSMC project to write an add-on for YouTube.

How I use YouTube: on my phone! 20x faster easier and more intuitive to navigate then anything you would have to control with a remote. For playback I simply use the “share” button and select “Play on Kodi” which is available via the (free) Yatse app. It takes 2 taps on your phone, really. You can even queue the next stream you want to watch. This has always worked flawlessly.

Absolutely no reason for a Kodi add-on dev to waste time on another add-on for YouTube. But why you are making this request here? Makes no sense.

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@zilexa Afaik this feature also bases on the youtube-app by bromix. So if this addon stops working, you have to watch the yt-video on your phone.

I also agree with you that this is rather a Kodi-related issue. Cause yt is so essential for many it should be a core-feature in Kodi imho.
Nevertheless I don’t understand why you bash the op so much. The app by bromix is unmaintained since new year and if google changes the api it could stop working. So the question how to proceed is a valid one.
OMSC’s approach is a media center. You also offer an appstore by your own. When Kodi is not solving the issue, why not fill the blank? Irrespective of manpower/time/etc. the “feature request” is not a complete rubbish as you write. But I agree to just wait some time and see how Kodi is dealing with this.
Just my 2 cents…

Can be explained 100% by the OP’s response.

Gee, sorry for hurtin’ your feelings. My statement holds true, why ask a question in this forum if developers get all butt hurt by a question?

You were the one whining about Dilligaf’s response, after asking OSMC to take on the maintenance of a completely new and different project.

That’s not a “feature” by anyone’s definition.

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My apologies if my response is interpreted as bashing. But OSMC is a serious project, time consuming with multiple huge subprojects like x86 support, Bluetooth, AppleTV, Retrogaming, adding Android and supporting beta versions of Kodi in order to have a stable OSMC once the stable versions come out. So much work has been done and so much more will be done. Try to put things into perspective.

Even as a user, a non-team member (like myself) I would expect a level of common sense from every other user that would like to share their vision of what OSMC should and should not do. My response was based on that. I simply missed a bit of common sense here.

On topic: in the history of Kodi, many Youtube addons have been created by several users. Indeed Youtube stopped working a few times because of API changes and it took a while before it worked again with a new addon. I’m sure someone else will pick up the work when this happens again.
Also, perhaps someone will add “Google Cast” support, even though I am a bit opposed of it (DLNA/UPNP/Airlplay should be able to do the same but Youtube does not support it) it should allow us to send the Youtube video link to Kodi in 1 or 2 taps. But again it would be a core Kodi feature, just like UPNP sharing is.