OSMC Maintenance Hub

On XBMC I had a Maintenance Hub that had several options on the same screen to choose. Is there a similar product for OSMC?

What options?

Also can you clarify what version of XBMC you came from, which skin and which underlying operating system. It could be a skin or other distro specific thing in the same way that ‘My OSMC’ is an OSMC specific thing.

I don’t have XBMC running now, but as I recall there were several icons on the same screen that allowed the end user to maintain their media center.

Sorry… you are going to have to be more specific. Exactly what you refer to as “maintaining” ones media center would go a long way here. Outside of the MyOSMC addon and Kodi’s own Settings, I really have no idea what you are getting at here. I would also urge you to now use use the name “Kodi” as XBMC no longer exists. This will also help to curtail some confusion.

I think wussery is asking about the addon from one of the banned repositories:

As vaguely as he’s described it there’s no telling. If it is though, this thread will be quite short lived…

When I get a chance I’ll insert my other SD card that has raspbmc running on it. This software was updated several months ago to Kodi. I’ll post back when I have the information you’re looking for.