OSMC makes movies hack

I have installed OSMC on a Raspberry Pi B, which I have used with Raspbmc without problem. Now when I try to play a dvd movie or a HD movie, the movie runs slow, the sounds is not sync. It’s like OSMC use too much power from the raspberry pi to be able to play properly.

Is there any different in the setting, which I can change to make OSMC run more smoothly. In the moment I have changed back to my old setup, because I can’t live with the new one…

I haven’t changed anything in the default setting: except trying to overclock to both medium and high with no result.

This is a Pi1 right?
Do you have the MPEG2 codec installed? (you need that for DVD playback).
A debug log may be useful.

Yes, it’s a Pi1 - and you were right. I forgot to type in the MPEG code again after a reinstall. Thanks. It seems to work now. Just strange that I can play the movie without a code. I couldn’t on the old one: Then it only played the sound…

Yes, as Pi2 is more capable of software decode, we automatically switch to dvdplayer with software decode if a hw codec is not available.

Pi1 can handle some MPEG2 streams with software decode, but DVD playback is too much.