OSMC & NAS - Help with protocols

Hi all,

I’ve just got a Rasberry Pi B+ and am excited to use it as a media centre. We have a NAS in our house with all our films, music etc stored on it, and I’m aware osmc has NAS connectivity. The problem lies in the fact that I’m a bit of a newbie regarding network and filesharing protocols, so I’m finding it very tricky setting up the pi and osmc to work with my NAS.

I’ve set the mixed video and music files on the NAS to shared, but I know I’ll need to set up NFS or uPnP to get the two to communicate. I’m at work atm so I cant post screenshots etc, but here are some questions for you guys:

1) What protocol should I use? Has anyone else set their osmc up to work with a NAS?

2) What are the steps I’ll need to do to make sure the pi can access my media? What info will I need to gather (eg filepath etc)?

FYI, My NAS is a D-LINK 320L and my Pi is the B+, running osmc Alpha 4.

Thanks in Advance guys!

i’m with a synology Nas and i use NFS. no problem with OSMC.

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I use a HP N40L as storage running CentOS, accessing it via CIFS (Windows share). Works perfectly.

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Most of your questions are answered here http://kodi.wiki/view/Media_sources

If you require network sharing to windows devices, use smb, otherwise nfs would be recommended.

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Thanks ActionA. I tried SMB and it worked a charm! Just gonna fiddle with everything now and get it how I like. Thanks!