OSMC network priority - LAN vs wifi - on Raspberry Pi 3

Hi guys, being new around here. I tried to search the previous threads to no avail…so this is my question: How does OSMC assign priority of the network connection upon boot in case both network cards (LAN, wifi) are connected? I came accross a problem a couple of days ago when I tried to play a 1080p video from local NAS. The playback was stuttering, it was unwatchable, basically a slide show. After a while trying to sort out the problem I checked the device info - and to my surprise, the IP connected to the router was the wifi IP. So - how come that with the LAN cable plugged in the wifi is not disconnected? Normally, with the LAN cable in, the wifi should not be even working, am I wrong to assume that?

You should select the preferred method of connection in myosmc and deactivate the other to be sure to get the best results. Not sure if connman will select an adapter by signal strenght.

I guess it will stay with the first working connection.

Of course, that is the way I’ve been doing it since. Does that mean I was wrong in assuming that LAN has always a priority over wifi? All my other devices work this way by default (Squeezeboxes, laptops etc), wifi only comes up if LAN is not detected.