Osmc non responsive

Running osmc on a vero and for about a monthnow it has been going unresponsive… ssh doesnt work only thing that works seems to be pulling the power… i have added the logs but cant seem to find the issue. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

The logs can be found here: http://paste.osmc.io/nuqohaxoli

Thank you in advance

Forgot to note, this never happens during us using it… always after we are dkne turn the tv and amp off… then the next time we switch tk the vero we get a screen but nothing else works. Time is stucj as well. In the case of the logs somewhere at around 6 o clock.

Linux osmc 4.1.7-2-osmc #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Sep 24 22:12:18 UTC 2015 armv7l GNU/Linux

There has been an update since then. Can you try updating via My OSMC -> Updater and seeing if it persists?

Also: are you able to ping or SSH in to the device even though it seems ‘frozen’? Sounds like a problem we had in August, but that has been fixed.


Sadly no, i hate powering down so always try to ssh jn and reboot gently via that. I will try the update… weird thing is that i updated this weekend. Ikl try via the command when i can.

One package upgraded called ntp. The rest it says was up yo date…

The command i executed was: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Sadly updating via the before mentioned command did not resolve this issue for us. Latest logs can be found here: http://paste.osmc.io/ipanucuseb

I have also been suffering “frozen” Vero issues lately - though likewise, never locks when being used.
At first it just seems to happen randomly, I’d just switch over to it and notice the remote didn’t do anything (SSH confirmed it locked up).
However, the other day I was using it when my TV auto-switched off (due to this CEC connection issue since going to libcec v3?), and when I turned it immediately back on, it was frozen.
So, perhaps related to TV/HDMI/power cycles? (at least in my case?) :confused:


Do you mean that you can still SSH in to the device?


No. I meant that because SSH connection failed (time-out), I figured a power cycle was only option.
(Apologies, I should’ve been more specific!)

To be honest I think it’s a CEC related issue as well, I’ve noticed that it happenend more if I used my TV remote to control the Vero (through CEC) then when I’dsimply use my Yatse (Andorid app)…

It’s not exclusive though, so maybe it also has issues when the CEC is shutting down ‘unclean’ since in my case the Vero is connected to my amp which is connected to my TV. I sometimes poweroff the amp before the tv and vise versa…

Amp is an onkyo and the tv is a samsung (in case this might matter)

Snap! (Onkyo and Samsung) :confused:


There is a commit to libCEC in 3.x that changed some behaviour and could cause some problems with some CEC implementations. I’ll double check if that affects Vero and see what can be done to resolve this.

If you disable CEC (just for a day to test), does the problem go away? It can be disabled under Settings -> Input -> Peripherals.



Ok thanks @sam_nazarko

Have now disabled CEC - will see if the problem goes away… :wink:

Will try, tbh since i don’t use CEC that often I could just keep it disabled but I’ll tell the wife to try and keep it like that for a few days and report back.

This isn’t a fix, it’s just to find out that CEC is indeed the problem


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After I disabled (and did not reboot) I have one lockup so far, after that lockup (and thus the first boot since I disabled the CEC) I haven’t had any incident yet. I’m not sure if I’ve gotten lucky after the lockup in question or if I should have rebooted after disabling the CEC.

But this is the status currently, the usage has been the same (other then the fact no CEC). Meaning some streamed content as well as non streamed.

If anything happens worth mentioning I’ll report back.

So, about another week later.

Disabling the CEC seems to indeed have caused the system to stop freezing.


Wait for November update (due tomorrow). There have been some included CEC fixes


I can also verify that, since disabling the CEC, I have had no further freezes/lock-ups.

I did temporarily re-enable the option after yesterday’s update, just to see whether CEC would link up again with my Onkyo Amp/Samsung TV again (e.g. use TV remote control), but unfortunately it still didn’t seem to work.
So I re-disabled it again, just in case.

I also enabled it again, CEC works (always worked for me tbh) but after using it instead of the ‘usual’ lock up where i’d get an image but nothing else it went completely black. no SSH possible either so I reset the device.

Didn’t count to 10 the first time so it didn’t power up either, after letting the power drain a bit more it booted fine.

If it does this more regularly i’ll redisable the CEC to see if this is (again) the issue.