OSMC & Noobs support?

From what i have been able to put together one of the previous of noobs broke Raspbmc compatibility because of a change in partition structure?

im just wondering if there are plans to support it with OSMC down the line?

i found this:

but im just not smart enough to get it working, not sure how to extract the two needed tar files for installation.


Thanks Sam, ill keep an eye out for the release.

Is the issue with Raspbmc and noobs, or Helix and noobs? Ive been playing with older versions of noobs with slightly more success but only until i let rasp update with Helix… after that im left with the relax loop issue or performance so poor its unusable. (just curious, ill wait for the proper OSMC release regardless)


There’s no issue per se, we just need to wait for the foundation to update to NOOBS 1.5 which will support Pi1 and Pi2 images side by side.


Just for my own knowledge I’ve been googling like crazy trying to find more info on the source of the problem but seem to be coming up dry.

I am nowhere smart enough to fix an issue like that myself but figure a rough understanding is always a good start. may prove helpful down the line.

Is there somewhere that the issue is talked about in more technical detail?

Thanks again Sam

NOOBS is ready, we just need the Foundation to update

What’s your question?


Just wondering what the root of the problem is/was… i don’t want to waste you time with it, just asking if there is somewhere that’s its talked about in a little more detail?

There has been no issue with NOOBS, we just need to get it approved by the Foundation. They’ve made some changes to allow Pi2 and Pi1 images to be specified separately (before it was one image for all devices). That’s not quite ready yet but should be soon


I have not had much luck getting raspbmc running on noobs since the Helix upgrade. The little I have been able to dig up points to a partition issue. (the “Relax” loop issue)

if i prevent updates a gotham instance of raspbmc runs perfectly on noobs. I assumed the issue was aimed to be fixed with the first OSMC release, but yesterday i did another clean install attempt of raspbmc and noticed it updated to OSMC (got the new popup messages on first load) however the problems i was encountering with the Helix remain identical.

So does that point to the update process as the root of the problem? Once OSMC is approved the image will contain a fully update Helix instance and not be subjected to the Helix update problem of today? am I remotely close?

Would it be possible to get the root/boot.tar files so i can play around with OSMC and noobs whlie the Foundation does their official approval to get it baked in?


You can get the root and boot filesystems quite easily but without a compatible NOOBS build from the foundation it just won’t work.

You’ll just have to be patient. I want OSMC in NOOBS as much as you do


I’m in no rush for noobs, raspbmc does the job on its own just fine.

I’m more interested on learning what changed that broke functionality.

any hints?

Nothing broke it: a new device came out…

That requires new software to work with it


If im not worried about Rpi 2 support is there anything i can edit in noobs or osmc to reestablish compatibility?

Hum… the RPI noobs is still at version 1.4 (2015-02-18 ), more than two months later.

I unfortunately need the Noobs dual boot to avoid seeing my kids loose my microsd card while swapping them (raspian for dad youtube /KODI…eventually OSMC for the kids).

unless I do not use github correctly, there was no commits since a month:

I started a thread on the subject on the RPI forums.
It sounds like there might be a disconnect between RPF & OSMC, or maybe it is simply me missing something.

RPI forum post:noobs on github (no commit since march 05)?

"AFAIK, there’s nothing preventing Sam from adding OSMC to the current
NOOBS, so he might be waiting for a feature which is not required and
doesn’t have an eta. If there’s some confusion, he should probably
contact Gordon."

I’m in regular contact with the Pi foundation, one of the NOOBS developers (Andrew S) and Gordon.

NOOBS has been reduced to only offer Raspbian by default on SD cards due to size constraints, but offer the full selection of operating systems is available for network installations.

With the introduction of the Pi2, we chose to produce two separate images to truly take advantage of the new hardware. NOOBS currently has the ability to identify different devices (SupportedRevisions flag), but needs a bit of plumbing to properly enumerate the appropriate images for Pi1 and Pi2 specifically

It goes without saying: we want to be on the NOOBS platform as soon as possible. We need to wait until NOOBS offers Pi1 and Pi2 images separately.

I want OSMC in NOOBS just as much as you do


Hi Sam,
As long as the communication channel is active, I believe I will step aside and wait.

Thank you,

OSMC is now in NOOBS


Many thank Sam,

I tried it tonight on my PI2 (Raspian & OSMC dual boot) and it is working well an seems very fluid.