OSMC not boot on a 128GB SDXC - New Install

I have mentioned this my test yesterday.
My brother have gave to me a 128GB SD card… whit this size my idea it’s make a setup whit RetrOSMC because i thinks i can use a lot of roms whit this.

Currently on my Pi2 i have a Noobs 8GB SD Card whit last stable osmc and i for this sd i do this:
I have put on PC and i have re-format whit SD Formatter 4.0…i have obtained a 128GB SD in ExFAT. I have tryed everythings for format in FAT32 but apparently i can’t.

Anyway the windows OSMC-Installer apparently help in this way… i have download this file:

And after i have used the installer in about 5 minutes i thinks this SD it’s ready to boot. I removed the currently noobs sd and put this 128GB i connected my currently AC adapter and…


If i connect the LAN Cable i can see a little blink on LED of LAN but nothings appends… i have connect the Pi2 to my HDMI TV and on TV nothings… apparently nothings start or somethigs append wrong.

I removed this 128GB from Pi2 and i have tryed to see on windows:
I see the FAT32 partition… i see the config files… the kernel files and other file…

How i can check because this SD fail to boot ? Apparently if i re-put back the 8GB SD usually i use every days all be back to boot and works whitout any problems (it’s an idea pick the config.txt from here and put on a 128gb sd… but i don’t thinks it’s a great idea).

Someone can help ?

Apparently from this 128GB after i complete the first setup some files has been missed… this the complete files list after complete:
Il volume nell’unit… F non ha etichetta.
Numero di serie del volume: B293-6E71

 Directory di F:\

24/12/2016  20:31        21.122.944 kernel.img
24/12/2016  20:27            17.920 bootcode.bin
24/12/2016  20:27               146 cmdline.txt
24/12/2016  20:27                51 config.txt
24/12/2016  20:27             2.505 fixup_cd.dat
24/12/2016  20:27           612.472 start_cd.elf
24/12/2016  15:16       141.729.072 filesystem.tar.xz
           8 File    163.485.110 byte
           0 Directory      87.362.048 byte disponibili

On the Noobs 8GB SD the files list it’s completely different… so many list it’s not present…

The sdcard writer that you are using to write the card may not support sdxc.

mmmmmmmmmm… otherwise i have also trye to install directly RetroPie on this SD:
I have installed Win32DiskImager and i have use the .img of RetroPie, after about 4 min apparently the “write” it’s successfull. This time it’s so much files present on sd partition but i have tryed to put on my Pi2 and same result.
Power On the AC Adapter and nothings workings :frowning:

I thinks this SD card it’s simply a SHI**Y SD Card buyed by brothers on some online chinese store like wish or similar… there’s no brand on it or similar.

For try to write this SD i have used this:

Apparently the SDXC it’s suppoted… but i have a question and last tryed:
What’s the complete file list i need to found in sd after the complete setup ?

Meanwhile only for purpose test… this is the file result obtain after RetroPie write image on this 128GB SD:

 Il volume nell'unit… F Š boot
 Numero di serie del volume: 1994-88DA

 Directory di F:\

05/11/2016  21:24    <DIR>          overlays
22/09/2016  08:07            14.273 bcm2708-rpi-b-plus.dtb
21/08/2015  16:04            18.693 COPYING.linux
18/11/2015  16:01             1.494 LICENCE.broadcom
23/09/2016  13:53            18.974 LICENSE.oracle
22/09/2016  08:07            15.356 bcm2709-rpi-2-b.dtb
22/09/2016  08:07            14.010 bcm2708-rpi-b.dtb
22/09/2016  08:07            13.964 bcm2708-rpi-cm.dtb
22/09/2016  08:07            15.992 bcm2710-rpi-3-b.dtb
24/10/2016  11:41            15.350 bcm2710-rpi-cm3.dtb
22/06/2016  07:06            17.932 bootcode.bin
05/11/2016  21:21               234 cmdline.txt
05/11/2016  21:27             1.701 config.txt
24/10/2016  11:41             6.621 fixup.dat
24/10/2016  11:41             2.525 fixup_cd.dat
24/10/2016  11:41             9.744 fixup_db.dat
24/10/2016  11:41             9.744 fixup_x.dat
23/09/2016  13:53               145 issue.txt
24/10/2016  11:41         4.127.640 kernel.img
24/10/2016  11:41         4.229.336 kernel7.img
24/10/2016  11:41         2.816.836 start.elf
24/10/2016  11:41           633.508 start_cd.elf
24/10/2016  11:41         4.949.060 start_db.elf
24/10/2016  11:41         3.899.492 start_x.elf
              24 File     20.832.624 byte
               1 Directory      38.463.488 byte disponibili

It could be a fake sdcard. Can you try running H2testw on it?

it’s a long test ? Because i read it’s a write test and for 128GB it’s a very long write test i suppose :slight_smile:

I stay to use FAKEFLASHTEST v1.1.1… apparently it’s a good alternative and i stay to do the quick test say to me destroy all content of sd (it’s not a problems… it’s no boot :slight_smile: ).

I don’t have idea… what’s time i need to obtain the result.


Look at here:
Writing marker blocks to drive 1
5% complete - 270 min 45 sec remaining



This is the result of test… apparently the real size it’s only 6MB ???

Looks like a 6MB card which spoofs as 128MB. Essentially once you have filled up past 6MB it either starts writing again at the beginning over what you had or just dumps the data and pretends to have written it. Either way you end up with corruption.

It’s a fake card, if you bought it from a reputable source, take it back, if you bought it elsewhere - don’t. Not worth it.

yeah… i thinks you are rights but apparently the OSMC Windows installer can write about 100MB inside boot partition correctly but it’s possibly it’s been written curruptly or not completely.

Otherwise i have tryed to create 3 different OS for my Pi2… this OSMC, Raspbian and Retropie and all 3 OS fail to boot :slight_smile:
Simply SH***TTY SD Card :slight_smile: