OSMC not included with Raspberry Pi OS 2.4.2?

My RBP2 system croaked during a move, and I went to install the latest and greatest on a new SD card. The install advice said that OSMC is one of the several OS that can be installed from the RBO image on first boot. The version of NOOBS I downloaded (2.4.0) entered install mode but showed only raspbian and OpenELEC, not OSMC as I had been lead to beleive, nor any other OSs). I got this from Raspberrypi.org Download NOOBS for Raspberry Pi The image on the screen shows only two OS, while the guide shows 5-6, including OSMC

At first I installed Raspian, as I seemed to remember doing that when I first got the Pi. Nice Pixel GUI, etc, but apparently no path to OSMC as a primary OS(?)
With some internet advice I re-formatted and took a swing at OpenELEC. I like the native Kodi interface, but the default SSH password wouldn’t work for me, and the OS crashed three times while inputting media paths. grr.

OK, back to OSMC. How is one supposed to install OSMC on the Pi2? Is there a switch in NOOBS 2.4.0 I didn’t see? is there an image at OSMC/downloads? (all I see is a linux download that includes Debian but not Raspbian. I thought there might be a RPI image, but the one I downloaded (OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20170322.img.gz) is only 180MB and won’t install on a new SD card.

Sorry if this sounds noobish, but the disk images don’t match the manuals, and there is no obvious link to follow for RBP installation on the OSMC download page.

Guidance will be appreciated.


Well I don’t have any clue why it is not listed on Noobs.
Any how if you don’t need multiple OS installed than recommendation is anyhow to directly install with the OSMC installer. Just download the installer from the OSMC download page that matches your device on which you run the installer (e.g. Your Windows PC) and during installation you can choose which target device to install for (e.g. RPi 3 )this will then transfer the correct install files on the SD card.

Ah! I took the “Windows installer” to be one that installed OSMC under windows. I will try that.


OSMC is an operating system (Debian) plus a mediacenter (Kodi). So it will never be installed “under” Windows. Maybe in future when Sam finished a x86 version it might be installed “along side” windows.

If I may, although it does say your current operating system in bold on the download page, I can understand if there’s some residual confusion. Perhaps something could be added to explain what sort of media the installer will (must?) write to and what you do with it afterwards, eg for RPi the image must be written to an SD card (I think!) even though there are options for USB stick install and network install. I don’t know how the Vero or AppleTV installs work but for RPi something like this would help:

You need an SD card. The installer will write the necessary files onto it according to the options you choose. Boot your device from this card and the installation will then complete using your choices.

Just my 2d…

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OSMC should be in NOOBS: have you checked that it’s not? It’s available as a downloadable image, but you need to be using a recent version of NOOBS.

We reworked the download page a little over a year ago because of this problem. Everyone thought Windows, Mac etc installers were for those platforms themselves. That’s why we now have them select (click on) the Pi, the AppleTV or the Vero, and then we scroll them down to the installer selection.

The problem is that 2/3 platforms don’t, and when we add PC, they won’t need an SD card there either. We’ll need to think of some wording.

Intrigued - used the installer to write a USB stick and tried to boot RPi2 without SD card - didn’t work. Stuck a working OSMC SD card into a card reader and tried to boot from it - didn’t work.

Can I suggest install articles for each platform in the wiki with links from the install page, otherwise the download page could get messy and detract fom the ‘easy install’ message.

Pi2 does not support USB boot. This is not a surprise.

OSMC’s USB install method still expects an SD card for booting.

If I may suggest some clarification, on the three download links (Win, Mac, Linux) the instructions say ‘select your current operating system’ which to me meant 'under which you’d like to install OSMC. I looked under Linux to find Raspian, and looked closely at Debian. It would be more clear to me if it said "“Select the operating system that you will use to set up the OSMC bootable SD card”

I downloaded the installer 2.4.0 from this page: Download NOOBS for Raspberry Pi using the NOOBS offline version. I didn’t look at the online version.
Sometime in the process I think a header said 2.4.2. In the instructions at https://www.raspberrypi.org/learning/software-guide/quickstart/ the version number that has multiple OS choices shows an older version header: 1.9.0

Now that I understand that I can get the Mac installer and do it all from my Macbook I’m all over it. When I did this a couple of years ago I know I installed Raspbian first, then forgot it all.

You need to be connected to the network for NOOBS to see the other available images. Only Raspbian is bundled with NOOBS now, and I believe this is to save space and not bundle operating systems that users may not necessarily want.

I believe the Pi was connected; it had all the hardware that was in place when it worked 30 minutes earlier.

What was there was Raspbian and OpenELEC, which makes sense if the size is the issue.

If you want to use OSMC and only OSMC, then I recommend using the installer from our website.

OSMC should be in NOOBS, but I’ll double check this!