OSMC not loading on Raspberry Pi 3 (Model B)

Hey people, can’t figure out why my RPi is not booting/installing/loading (don’t know what you call this) the OSMC.
(1) I first installed OSMC onto my SD card (16gb) using the Web Installed that osmc.tv provides, it didn’t worked.
(2) After that, i formatted my SD card and directly installed OSMC disk image using Win32DiskImager, and it behaved the same.
Now i wanna tell you, where it gets stuck (check out the Screenshot)

It does not respond anyway, and i’m installing the latest OSMC version but response is same in both the cases [web installer(1) and direct disk imager (2)]
Let me tell you, it works fine with Raspbian (installed using NOOBS) and other OSes.

How are you powering the pi? Have you tried a different SDcard?

Yeah, i’m powering the pie with my mobile charger. No, i haven’t tried different SD card, but it works well with NOOBS and Raspbian.

Ok, and what specs does it claim to provide?

Well the box says - ‘RPi, Model B, 1 GB RAM’ mfg by element18 UK. Also, it says 802.11.b/g/n Wireless LAN & Bluetooth 4.1

I’m talking about the mobile charger.

It says 'Samsung Model : ETA-U90IWE ;
INPUT : 150-300VAC (50-60Hz 0.35A)
OUTPUT : 5.0V [2.0A]

Rpi 3 is recommended to be provided with 2.5A.

You mean I should consider replacing my charger?

A phone charger will not do the job. This is covered in the Wiki. You can get the offcial PSU or this which will do the trick:

Do you mean it didn’t work to put the image on the SD card at all or you mean installation got stuck after you put the SD card into the Pi (like your picture shows?

Thanks, but what if i power it using USB cable with my PC or Laptop?

I mean the installation gets stuck after i put the sd card into the pi, just as the screenshot shows.

And by (1) Web installer, i meant the installer that osmc.tv provides (which on demand installs osmc in the card by downloading the software from the internet). And by (2) direct Disk Image installation, i downloaded and installed Disk Image using Win32DiskImager.
But in both cases (1) and (2), the installation gets stuck after i put the sd card into the Pi.

By the way, i’m installing this version :
Raspberry Pi 2 / 3
Release Checksum (MD5)
2016.09-1 c3605fac9baeabb812d4147ae733c6c7

Than power supply is the most likely culprit. While testing another SD card is always an option.

Powering from your PC will be worse.
You need a proper dedicated 5V/2.5A power supply

I’d try another power supply first. Failing that another SD card. If it’s a new SD also test that its not fake by using H2testw. (You might only have a 4GB card but sold as a 16GB)

Getting enough power to the Pi3 has been a bitch. Another problem I had earlier this year was WinZip not correctly decompressing images that passed checksum. 7_Zip does.

I maybe just talking old thing, but my problem was that after installed from an image when i did a few updates usually 2 or 3 after restart the system always died. Util i have replaced the 16Gb SDcard with an 8 Gb SDcard and never had the problem again.

ps: the 16Gb SDCard still in use in other devices so it wasn’t the case of (4Gb SDCard sold as 16GB). It’s just somehow during the update the partition has been corrupted.

But as i said may be this is an old thing, and the problem already fixed.

The official OSMC installer will decompress and image cards quite reliably.

Without logs it’s hard to say, but I’d check your hardware first.