OSMC on Allwinner and Mali GPU (Banana Pi et al.)

Will OSMC support Banana Pi and Orange Pi?

Also other non-Allwinner boards like Hummingboard, ODROID series?

Hope not, Allwinner have no respect for GPL.

We will not support the Banana Pi. There is no way of getting any hardware acceleration (next to no documentation) and the AllWinner A20 SoC is quite old

Hummingboard is i.MX6 so OSMC should run on this fine

There is some hardware acceleration LeMedia (XBMC) v1.1 Realeased - News - LeMaker | The Open Source SBCs Community

It also plays back HD video using software decoding fine anyway so why not support it?

I Have en allwinner A10 (cubie board) works great as a server and all… but the mali GFX/GPU is closed source, and have yet to work much… you can start XBMC but many format will not play…

same for rockchip rk3066 (aka mk80XX) here there is some stolen code out there, but noby is working on it as far as i know!.

i’m very pleased that the cubox and (i.MX6) is supported to… great work hope for an alpha soon on it ;-).

The issue is that AllWinner SoCs are already very much out of date. I’m not sure how beneficial it is for someone to start working on acceleration. I also think it’s too closed off for any real work to be done: I could only find a datasheet for the AllWinner A20 in Chinese


Dated hardware shouldn’t put you off, they are still capable little machines but of course you need documentation you can understand. If you link to the datasheet perhaps we can get it translated.

The Orange Pi Plus uses a newer AllWinner H3 chip with 4k video support, perhaps it has better documentation or we can translate that as well.


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