OSMC on analog TV via SCART/S-Composite is b/w

Hi there,

I tried the newest available OSMC image from April '16 for my Raspberry Pi 1 Modell B. Installation worked really well and it is running well. Only one problem, it’s all in black and white, no color. I connected the Raspberry to an old analog TV via SCART/S-Composite. Does anyone know what to tweak to get it in full color?

You need to edit your config.txt file either from the PI sudo nano /boot/config.txt or from Windows via an SD Card reader.
The PI defaults in NTSC color mode for if unsupported by your TV it will display the video in black and white.
To set PAL colour mode append sdtv_mode=2 to your config.txt file.

That worked like a charm.
Thank you. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem, having
appended: sdtv_mode=2 to your config.txt file

but still output composite is b/w

any other option to verify?

Make sure your TV input options are set correctly. SCART can carry composite, S-Video or RGB.