OSMC on AppleTV 1st Gen

@sam_nazarko what about the installer for the great AppleTV1 ?

It is coming soon. Sam has confirmed it here: So, is this dead or what? - #7 by sam_nazarko

and several other places.

It’s always coming soon, as the Vero did :wink:

super stoked on the fact that ATV 1 is still alive after so long.

Yes, but maybe it is better to change the sentences “Apple TV 1st generation Coming soon”. @sam_nazarko ?

Hi all

Any news on a potential update being pushed out for old ATV user from CB2 to the new and improved OSMC with the new Kodi version - Isengard?

Sam mentioned sometime in September in a post a while back. this has obviously been delayed.

Is there a time line for roll out ?


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Have you tried the latest openelec?

hiya. ive tried it, its definitely way better than the previous one, thank to chewitt! REALLY looking forward to OSMC on the apple 1, a lot of folks in ireland are patiently waiting excitedly. Definitely keep going sam we want it most definitely

Yeah been looking at openelec just don’t want to screw things up as I am not that techie.

Is the new openelec better / quicker than the current Crystalbuntu 2 ?

I doubt it. It definitely won’t be better than OSMC for AppleTV, which is just a few days away now


Excited about this! Please update this post when we can download the build :smile:

I will be posting updates in Progress at last

Unfortunately I installed this new OpenElec version, because of all the positive comments.
It’s quite good, but not as fast and not as stable as CB2. There is definitely no reason to “upgrade” if you’re on CB2.
Therefore I’m also waiting for OSMC. :wink: