OSMC on ATV1 Can't access SAMBA Shares

Ok, I’ve sshed there. I try to add a source from osmc, choose “windows share (smb)” > I see a workgroup > and get “Operation not permitted”

I have a server in my local network with smb share.

We suggest suggest that you “add a source” by using the “add a network location” function in the “browse for new share” menu.
Doing so, allows you to enter share passwords etc.

FWIW: On my old CB2 setup, network share connections were more stable when I manually entered the IP of the shares.
Network discovery can be problematic on some networks. I’ve had problems with SMB and NFS working well since I upgraded from OSX 10.6.

I had a similar issue trying either from the Add source, or mounting it from terminal.
The mount works and the HDD is reachable by the rpi with kodi 14.2.