OSMC on CRT Advice

I have a Pi3b+ connected to my CRT. I have tried using OSMC, and it works just fine. However, I am looking for advice on omegle how to properly configure this so that all controls and menus are visible, YouTube videos are properly displayed (full screen for 4:3 videos, letterbox for 16:9 videos), etc. Maybe some suggestions on a good theme to use for 4:3? What tweaks should I use to get everything fitting and looking nice? Thank you!

So assuming that your CRT doesn’t have any aspect ratio settings nor overscan your only option is to calibrate it in Kodi.

You sould be able to set a 4:3 resolution and Kodi does th test. You’ll need a 4:3 capable skin however. Estuary can do this, but there’s a 4:3 version of our OSMC skin as well. I’ll provide you with a link later today.