OSMC on Enigma2 box

Hi guys,
Is it possible to install OSMC on the new Enigma2, 4K boxes?
For instance the VU+ UNO 4K, has a dual core ARM @1700 Mz processor, and can record or display 8 simultaneous 4K streams.

There is a Kodi plugin on it, but implementation is like ten years behind, still using v13 xbmc or some stripped down old beta Kodi versions missing many addons like the PVR addons, replacing the Kodi player with a archaic basic player even without subtitles, you get the idea.

I think OSMC should be able to run easily on such box, probably from a usb stick.

OSMC isn’t supported on this device. There are no plans to support it. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of public documentation on the device

I just like to notice that VU+ boxes are Open Source, I guess all needed info is free available, but if no interest than no interest…

It depends if there is Linux support however and it is well maintained

For example, it seems like the tuners would be the best feature. But if there is no DVB driver for this under Linux, then the device may not be that interesting as there are other devices with similar playback capability


Searching the internet I found same as you mentioned, no DVB support under Linux. For this reason I was thinking to a dual boot from a USB stick, similar to OSMC on AppleTV 1.

A beter option could be a dual boot from within the E2 and OSMC interface, something like a menu item to switch to the other OS.
E2 already has something similar between E2 and Chromium OS, but Google is retiring Chromium OS on Linux and many interesting apps like Kodi are not available on Chromium OS on Linux.

The box is on Kernel 3.14.28