Osmc on pi2

Hello, I’m having trouble with installing OSMC on my raspberry PI 2. When i copy FRESH OSMC on Sd card and connect pi2 to TV . I see rainbow image. I can’t do nothing. I bought another PI 2 and problem is still same. Any advice please ! ?? Thank You

  1. Ensure that you have the right image for the right device. So first make sure that you have a Pi2 and not a Pi1 (B+ v2.). If unsure post pictures. After you confirmed you have Pi2 make sure you have choosen the Pi2 image

  2. It is always saver to use the OSMC installer than just copy the image yourself

Thanks now we have a nice Video how to install OSMC :slight_smile:

But a simple picture of the Board would have been good enough to directly tell you that you have a Pi1 and NOT a Pi2

So if you take the Pi1 Image all will be fine.

Hi, yes You have right :slight_smile: THANKS for your help. Everythink is ok now :slight_smile: