Osmc on pi3 only contains a red-blue-yellow screen

I’ve installed the 3 latest images and teste on two differen’t pi’s. In every single case, the same thing happens when I put the SD card in and connect the power: A red-blue-yellow-colored square covers the screen, the PI light is red constant, and nothing more happens.

What’s wrong here?

Are you sure it’s a Pi 3?

How did you image the SD card? Can you show us a screenshot of the contents of the card?

Yes. Besides, the image is for Pi2/3.

Also, I just installed LibreELEC. Worked right away.

Is this the same Pi 3 as you were using OSMC on in the past?

Have you upgraded the power supply since recommended to do so in 2016?

It would be good to see a screenshot of the contents of the SD card.