OSMC on Raspberry Pi 2 doesn't work when installed using NOOBS

When I install OSMC using NOOBS, it doesn’t work. However when I do a clean install, it does. I want to be able to use OSMC on NOOBS. Does anyone know how?

Issue: When I start it up, it shows a console. Then it shows another console saying that one of the filesystems is corrupted. It tries again and I get this: FATAL ERROR: OSMC cannot mount /dev/mmcblk0p2 of ext4 filesystem. Then, I end up being able to type commands.

What I was doing: I installed OSMC along with Risc OS and Windows Iot Core on NOOBS.

How to replicate: I booted up my Raspberry Pi to the NOOBS OS selector screen. I open OSMC and a minute later, I get the error.

Device: Raspberry Pi w/ NOOBS

Device attachments: Only a wifi adapter, ethernet cable, wireless mouse and keyboard adapter, HDMI, and a power source.

Presence: It only happens with NOOBS. The clean install works perfectly. Please don’t say to use the clean install unless there isn’t a choice.

Logs: There aren’t any logs to upload. The emergency command line won’t let me upload logs.

Add-ons: None

Playback Issues: None

Screenshots: Can’t send

So when you are on that console can you issue fdisk -l and post the output?

So your filesystem is corrupted which has two possible causes:

  1. Your SD card is broken or one that has problems. Which SD Card do you have? Can you try a different one?
  2. Your powersupply or cable is not up to the job. Have you ever seen rainbow square on top right or the red power LED blink?

So with “clean install” you mean a full install with the osmc installer is working and also rebots are working? Is that working on the same SD card?

sh: fdisk not found

I have a Lexar Micro SDHC 16 GB.
I am using the original cable, and there is no rainbow square or blinking led.

The install from the OSMC installer works on that SD card.

OSMC works on another sd card. Is there a way to fix this, or do I need to buy another SD card?

Well hard to say as many factors can play a role in your NOOBS setup.
The only thing that I can say is that most of us had best results with SanDisk or Samsung SD cards.

I’m ordering a PNY 32 GB SD card class 10. Will that work?

SanDisks are good; I’ve never had problems with them.

But you may want to consider helping out the OSMC project, and order the official OSMC SD card:

I’m actually going to order a Sandisk 32 GB SD.