OSMC on Raspberry Pi 4

Am I to understand that OSMC is not working on RPi 4’s yet? I have tried installing not only the latest version of OSMC but also 2 versions back and all I get is the rainbow screen. I have tried 3 different SD cards, I have used the OSMC installer and Etcher and used 3 different RPi 4 boards. Nothing is working. I have used these same boards and same SD cards with Debian and they work just fine. So I am very sure it is not my boards or SD cards.

That’s correct, yes.


FWIW I had quite a lot of issues trying to get Libreelec working on the Pi4 and ended up installing Kodi manually on Raspbian Buster and then setting it to auto-launch. There are still issues with screen-tearing on menus, but otherwise it’s working OK.

I certainly think the eventual OSMC release will benefit from what will, by the time it launches, hopefully be a more settled Pi4 environment.

Hi is there anything new regarding raspberry pi 4(b) support?

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no, just wait