OSMC on RaspberryPi3 CEC Shutdown

Hello Everyone,
First of all I’m really a newbie of OSMC (installed yesterday on a Raspi3).

I’ve configured it with Hyperion.ng to control the led stripes ([HowTo] [RPi] Hyperion.NG under OSMC (english)), and it works flawlessly.

Now the only problem I’m encountering is following:
When I shutdown my TV (old fullhd Samsung); the leds aren’t shut down.

Under the CEC settings of OSMC I’ve tried hibernate, … but nothing worked so far.
The only workaround was to set CEC to STOP PLAYBACK and set the wallpaper to appear BLACK after 1min.

I wanted that when I shutdown the TV; OSMC+Hyperion goes to sleep (like with a xiaomi mitv for example).
Also I’ve noticed that when I stop the hyperionService the leds aren’t shutdown but turn white.

Can someone help? :slight_smile:

The Raspberry Pi doesn’t support any kind of sleep/hibernation. If you want to achieve a “fake” sleep you would need to look at ways to stop Kodi and stop Hyperion.

That is most likely related to how the stripe acts when it gets power but now signal.

Might want to check this threads

If you followed that guide maybe best to ask @Cosmicbase

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