Osmc on Rpi 4 as repeater and watch Joyn in italy

Is it possible to run osmc on a Rpi 4 and use it also as repeater with a usb wifi dongle ? I hsve Fritzstick and a TP Dongle that worked on a pi 3 with osmc in the past.
Is there a way to use something like Joyn in Italy to watch german TV over www without vpn or proxy ? Vacation apartment has only 4 german TV stations.
/r Mad

I assume what you describe here is supported via the Tethering Section in MyOSMC

  1. To watch a service on OSMC you would need to find a Kodi Addon that supports the service (search Kodi Joyn Addon)
  2. If the service is restricted by IP you would need to use a VPN, OSMC would not impact that requirement.