OSMC on the Vero ... seeing it on my network

I have used the raspberry pi since it started… Was a great little learning experience and although I’m not a programmer at all I have learned quite a bit.

But when little issues come up and I believe should be easy to figure out I run in circles. So why not ask… I’m simply trying to see my VERO that is hardwired to my network on my PC desktop… something I did on my Raspberry pi running RASPBMC.

Is there a section that I need to allow access? My goal is to move date, files etc from my desktop hard drive to one of the hard drives attached to my Vero using OSMC.

Simple enough? Can someone walk me though?

thanks in advance! Wish I had the time to learn all some of you know!

As far as recall, you need to install the samba server, as you did with the Pi under RaspBMC, and configure that.
The samba server can be got from MyOSMC |apps.
NB that comment is assuming you’re trying to push the data from the PC - if you’re going to pull the data starting from a SSH to the vero, then itisn’t necessary to install the server (a samba client is already in-place)

OK got that done and now I can see it on my network… I would think that I could also see the HD that is connected to the VERO via USB… I could on the Raspberry pi… here I only see the OMSC share… I can access it but have folders under it… ie… Movies, Music, Pictures, TV shows … not the Hard Drives … I’ll keep poking around but if you have any helpful hints… I would love to hear!!

Thanks in advance

It’s possible that your system is damaged.
When I plug in an external source (USB stick etc) to USB, it gets mounted and (1) I get an on-screen message saying it is mounted, and (2) there is an [automount] section in the samba configuration file (as supplied with the installation) which exposes the mount to the network.
If you don’t see this, then you should read any .conf files under /etc/samba - and possibly post them for analysis

Obviously it depends on how much data you are moving and how often but when you compare local USB2/3 transfer speeds to typical 2-20MB ethernet network speeds and less again over typical wireless it seems you will be causing yourself a lot of delay in transferring files this way. Why not plug the drive locally into your PC or turn your PC into a NAS using NFS or CIFS and share the files to your Vero and any other device that might like to see it on the network?

This isn’t really what OP was asking - even tho’ he may come to that later. What he wants to know is why he doesn’t ‘see’ the space on the network.

I can see them down on my system mounted… I can play content from them too… I can see the VERO or OSMC on my desktop PC under network now too… prior… with the raspberry pi I could also see the mounted drives. I see the folders as mentioned before but I expected to see the drives too… only reason was to drag and drop files into them and let them copy. my media center is hidden well behind cabinets so just grabbing the HD and bringing it up to transfer files isn’t really an option.

As for a NAS using NFS that would require me to have my PC running all the time wouldn’t it? that is something I’m trying to avoid. for my circumstances if I could just occusionaly drag and drop files into the HDs attached to my VERO from my desktop it would be great… has to be possible I must just be running into something… .the question is what???